A New Way To Permanent Weight Loss

The health of the people is the foundation upon which all their happiness and powers as a state depends. Hence, to ensure good health: eat light, breathe deep, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.
Day to day stress, not eating right, sedentary lifestyle makes you physically unhealthy which adversely affects your weight. Alas! You start gaining weight rapidly. This weight gain makes you more prone to lifestyle diseases like cardio health, diabetes, and many more.

You can easily manage or reverse this lifestyle by controlling your weight with the help of a healthy weight loss diet. Eating healthy is as simple or complicated as we make it. For beginners, let’s debunk the common myth attached with being healthy. It is not the bread or rice that is making you fat instead, it is the lack of routine and readiness to eat out more often that adds on to your waistline.

Therefore, ‘A healthy weight loss diet should contain everything but in moderation.’

1. Avoid calorie counting all the time: emphasizing just on the calories is extremely impractical. Some people can successfully control their diet by counting calories but most of us, it is impossible to put a number on everything that goes in your mouth and then keep up with the math! Instead focus on the quality of food.

2. Exotic food is not a necessity: it is important for the suggested food to be part of your routine life to ensure long-term adherence to diet. You don’t need fancy food to boost your metabolism. Starting your day with something as basic as a plain glass of water can help boost metabolism.

3. Say no to binge eating: ideally, eating every two hours is difficult for working professionals or people with active social life. A healthy weight loss diet can consist of three meals along with two optional snacks in a day. Eating two hours makes you constantly think of food. This makes it difficult especially, for foodies who can’t seem to get a break from thinking about food. We are well aware of the fact that our day needs to have more elements other than just thinking about food.

4. Add fruits to your menu: People avoid fruits when on diet because of its sugar content. Fruits contain sugar, but this sugar is very different from added sugar. This sugar does not spike your blood sugar level.

5. Balanced diet is must: stay healthy by eating all meals in the right quantity at the right time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be properly proportioned. They should contain macronutrients, which include fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in correct ratio.

6. Reward yourself: completely depriving yourself of food you like will only lead to suppression, which you can only last for a short period of time. Hence to treat yourself once in ten days or monthly with your favorite food in proper quantity will help you to lose weight.

When dining out, remember these points:

  • Return the breadbasket, chips and peanuts if served along with soup or starters.
  • Fresh lime soda- salted or ice tea is good option as a drink.
  • Make sure not to skip the protein group while ordering your meal.
  • Refrain from ordering desserts or just take one spoon but just to taste it.
  • Opt for fruit platter to fulfill your sweet craving.

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