Our website will in an easy and accessible way introduce readers to the healing effect of herbs and will show the ways of growing and using herbs in everyday life. Here you can learn how to use herbs to alleviate health problems and enhance healing. However, we will also help you to recognize the herbs that should be avoided because they are toxic. 

We offer to our visitors recipes for the preparation of medicinal teas, balms and baths. 2​Herbs publishes number of recipes for healthy meals along with detailed instructions for their preparation. By using nature’s abundance and our web site, most people will be able to find herbs and recepies to help them in dealing with their helth and nutritional problems.

Medicinal plants (herbs) have always been considered a healthy source of life for people in every culture of the world. From prehistoric days plants are used for shelter, food and medicine. The use of plants for medicinal purposes is as old as our civilization.

Herbs are generally defined as non-woody plants which die after blooming. This definition has been expanded to any plants of which part or whole can be used in medicinal treatments, culinary preparations (as seasonings), and nutritional.