Aloe Vera- Natural, Miracle Skin Saver

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Aloe is one home remedy that we wouldn’t want to be without. Keep a potted aloe plant on the windowsill to have a ready supply of clear gel for the topical treatment of cooking burns, minor cuts, dermatitis and even hemorrhoids. Because it is easy to grown, and its active compounds can become destabilized during processing, the advice is to use live plant instead of commercial preparations whenever is possible. Just cut off a lower leaf near the central stalk, remove any spines along the edges, split the leaf lengthwise, score the gel with the point of your knife and apply directly to the injured area. Also, pure aloe gel can be found in health – food stores, which can be applied in the same way. But, however, many of these commercial skin care products may have too little of the herb in them to offer real therapeutic benefit.  It is also recommended carrying a bottle of pure aloe gel in a travel kit as a sunburn soother.


While there are numerous aloe juice products on the market for internal use, however, usually the only good they may do is to our gastrointestinal tract. If you are interested in giving aloe juice a try, you can mash up some gel in a little fruit juice and drink it, or use any commercial product that is pure, Aloe juice tastes nasty, but you can ask around for the brand that’s relatively palatable. And since aloe vera taken internally can be an irritant laxative, do not overdose, a reasonable dose might be a teaspoonful of aloe juice after meals.

CAUTION  Aloe products made from the bitter yellow latex, the cells just under the skin of leaf – have historically been used as laxatives, but it is not recommended aloe for this purpose as it can cause painful cramping and diarrhea.

References Dr. Andrew Weil – Consumer guide to herbal medicine

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