Amadou | Fomes Fomentarius

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Other Names

un bon site de rencontre forum Tinder fungus, hoof fungus, tinder conk, tinder polypore, ice man fungus, Труд (Labor), Трутовик настоящий (Tinder present), Amadouvier


mann single mit 50 Fomes fomentarius is the scientific name of Amadou and is mostly woody but not edible. It can be spotted on trees of beech and lime and is known to have medicinal properties. It is brownish in appearance and has up to five round pores per millimetre. The tube layers brown and indistinct that become stuffed with material that is white.

rencontre femme qui fait velo It is basically a fungus and is a parasite of a fallen tree or one that is old and becoming sick. It can grow there over the years. Amadou or tinder fungus, sometimes called wound sponge, can have fruiting bodies and can be up to 40 centimeters tall with an arched top adding annual growth rings just like the rings of a tree. The fungus shows its rotation on the foreground of a toppled tree.

Ingredients Amadou is a fungus and being a fungus, it is a good source of medicinal properties and compounds such as fusafungine, usnic acid, immunosuppressants, antibiotics,

advice for dating a young widower fumagillin, brefeldin A, antifungals, statins, macafungin, monacolin J (simvastatin precursor), penicillin and mizoribine as well as cephalosporins.

Collection period

site de rencontre marié September to October

Used Parts

site de rencontre gratuit les plus populaire Fungus fruiting body


homme cherche femme pour mariage rabat Amadou is simply referred to as tinder fungus and has been documented to stop bleeding in wounds. It is also a disinfectant, a laxative, diuretic and nerve tonic. It is also an effective remedy for hemorrhoids, dysmenorrhea and helps in addressing bladder condition. It is now being studied as one of the treatments for certain cancers.

Because of its porous material, Amadou is used by dentists to dry teeth and dentures.


Amadou is also used for storing and transferring fire because its internal pores were endlessly smoldering. It is also being used by beekeepers.

The flesh used to produce clothing such as caps, breeches, and gloves. In fly-fishing, it is used to dry the flies. The most common use of Amadou is as tinder and the addition of nitre and gunpowder makes it more potent.


Amadou cannot be eaten but it still possesses many medicinal properties. It still finds many uses across industries and is currently being examined to be one of the ingredients to ward off cancers.

Side Effects

Because Almond is a nut, it may cause allergies to those who are naturally allergic to peanuts. In turn, allergic reactions may restrict the respiratory system.


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