Asparagus | Fraxinus Americana

Fraxinus excelsior

Other Names

Bird’s Tongue, Common Ash, European Ash, Fraxinus americana, Fraxinus excelsior, Franc Frêne, Frêne, Frêne d’Amérique, Frêne Blanc, Frêne Blanc d’Amérique, Frêne Commun, Frêne Élevé, Frêne Franc, Fresno Americano, Fresno Blanco, Grand Frêne, Бели јасен,Я́сень обыкнове́нный, Ясень высо́ки, Weeping Ash, White Ash, Asche, Geisbaum, Oesch, Wundbaum.


Mentioned in Norse Mythology, the Ash tree is a sacred world tree. The ash can be large, up to forty meters and can live up to 250 years old. Its leaves and seeds have many medicinal properties. It has been a valuable medicinal plant for various diseases for many centuries.


Ash composes of fraxin, fraxidin, bitter compounds, essential oil, flavonoids, tannic acid, tannin, glycosides and coumarins.

Collection period

May to July

Used Parts

Leaves, Seeds, Bark


The Ash tree seeds and leaves are said to strengthen the metabolism as well as alleviate rheumatic diseases. It also aids in lowering sugar levels and strengthens cardiac activity. It also fights against arthritis, bladder and kidney disease, bloating, constipation, diabetes, fever, gout, hypertension, and increased urine production to relieve water retention (as diuretic).Ash tree serves as an astringent, sudorific, toning and can be applied to insect bites and wounds, helps restore appetite, lowers blood sugar levels.

  • Arthritis.

  • Astringent,

  • Bladder And Kidney Disease,

  • Bladder Problems.

  • Bloating,

  • Constipation,

  • Diabetes,

  • Diuretic,

  • Dropsy,

  • Fever,

  • Gout,

  • Hypertension,

  • Increasing Urine Production To Relieve Water Retention (As A Diuretic).

  • Insect Bites,

  • Loss Of Appetite,

  • Lowering Blood Sugar,

  • Rheumatism,

  • Sudorific,

  • Toning,

  • Wounds


Ash tree has many diverse uses. It is also used to make various tools and handles as well as protective gear and bows. The lumber makes for good firewood.


The ash tree is a sacred tree according to Norse mythology. It is a good toning agent and has many topical applications as well as help in internal problems. The bark can be utilized for protective gear and tools, while the leaves and seeds can be used as remedies.

Side Effects

There isn’t enough information to know if ash is safe to use as medicine.





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