Avocado extract – Appetite suppressant

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Imagine looking at a candy bar or a bowl of ice cream and not wanting to eat it.

Imagine feeling an absolute aversion to sugary foods. Well, according to both human- and animal-based

research studies, avocado extract tablets make this dream a reality.

Avocado extract tablets have helped some people lose significant amounts of weight, even when

they are not making a conscious effort to diet. These people report that, though they were

not purposely dieting, they ate fewer calories than they normally would, simply because they

weren’t hungry.

Though most people lose weight by taking two avocado extract tablets per day,

the Life Extension Foundation reports that you can take more when you feel hungry, so as to

eat even fewer calories daily, or limit yourself to only two tablets and eat a healthy, sensible meal.

You can buy avocado extract tablets online or at your local health food store.


Adams, M., & Veracity, D. (2006). Natural appetite suppressants for safe, effective weight loss. Taipei, Taiwan: Truth Publishing International.

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