Balm, Lemon Balm | Melissa Officinalis

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Other Names

Balm, Bálsamo de Limón, Cure-All, Dropsy Plant, Honey Plant, Melisa, Melissa, Melissa officinalis, Melissae Folium, Mélisse, Mélisse Citronnelle, Melissa officinalis, Mélisse Officinale, Melissenblatt, Monarde, Sweet Balm, Sweet Mary, Toronjil, Bienenfang, Bienenkraut, Bienensaug, Citronenmelisse, Darmgichtkraut, Englische Brennessel, Gartenmelisse, Hasenohr, Herzbrot, Herzkraut, Herztrost, Honigblum, Immenchrut, Ivenblatt, Limonikraut, Mutterkraut, Mutterwurz, Nervenkräutel, Pfaffenkraut, Riechnessel, Salatkräutle, Spanischer Salbei, Wanzenkraut, Zahnwehkraut, Zitronenkraut, Zitronella, Zitronen-Melisse


Lemon balm is a flowering perennial native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean. It has since been cultivated in other parts of the world and has become naturalized in North America. It is a member of the mint family, possessing a pleasant aroma, strikingly similar to that of lemon. The herb can grow to nearly five feet tall, producing small white flowers. The Latin name “Melissa” translates to “bee,” referring to the plant’s ability to attract honeybees and other insects.


Essential Oil, Bitter Principle, Tannin, Tannic Acid, Resin, Mucilage, Glycosides, Saponin, Thymol.

Very small amounts of essential oil. The oil content of the leaf can be 2-3 times higher if the plant is grown under conditions of drought and heat.

Collection period

June / July

Used Parts

The whole herb.


  • A Thyroid Condition Called Graves’ Disease

  • Abdominal Diseases,

  • Alzheimer’s Disease,

  • Analgesic,

  • Antibacterial,

  • Antispasmodic,

  • Anxiety,

  • Asthma,

  • Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD,

  • Bloating,

  • Bronchitis,

  • Bruises,

  • Bruising,

  • Cold Sores,

  • Cold,

  • Colic In Breast-Fed InfantsCooling,

  • Cough,

  • Cramps,

  • Dark Circles,

  • Earache,

  • Encouragingly,

  • Engorgement,

  • Female Discomforts,

  • Fever,

  • Flu,

  • Fungal Growth,

  • Gout,

  • Headache,

  • Heart Problems,

  • Heartburn,

  • Hysteria,

  • Improving The Quality Of Sleep, When Taken With Valerian.

  • Insect Bites,

  • Irritability,

  • Labial Herpes,

  • Loss Of Appetite,

  • Menopausal Symptoms,

  • Menstrual Cramps,

  • Menstrual Promotional,

  • Migraine,

  • Nervous Stomach

  • Nervousness,

  • Neuralgia,

  • Period Cramps,

  • Promoting Menstrual,

  • Reassuring,

  • Relaxing,

  • Restlessness, Dyssomnia,

  • Restlessness,

  • Rheumatism,

  • Sciatica,

  • Sleeping Disorders,

  • Sores,

  • Spasms,

  • Stimulating,

  • Stomach, And Intestinal Discomfort With Bloating And Gas,

  • Stomach Cramps,

  • Stomach Trouble,

  • Sudorific,

  • Toothache,

  • Tumors,

  • Ulcers,

  • Upset Stomach, Dyspepsia,

  • Virus-Resistant,

  • Wounds


Taken as a tea and added to skin ointments. Often combined with valerian when used as an aid for sleep. May also be administered as either an extract or capsule.


The German Commission E has approved lemon balm for supporting a calm and healthy sleep. It has also been approved in supporting the gastrointestinal tract. Lemon balm has been shown in clinical trials to support healthy memory and cognitive function, as well as to increase self-reported calmness.

Side Effects

Make sure the product you are using is a lemon balm and not the less expensive citronella.





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