Beans | Phaseolus Vulgaris

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Other Names

Baked Beans, Black Beans, Cannelli Beans, Common Bean, Gousse De Haricot, Gousses De Haricot, Green Bean, Haricot À Parchemin, Haricot À Rames, Haricot Beurre, Haricot Blanc, Haricot Commun, Haricot Jaune, Haricot Mange-Tout, Haricot Mange-Tout Jaune, Haricot Mange-Tout Vert, Haricot Noir, Haricot Potager, Haricot Sec, Haricot Vert, Kidney Bean, Kidney Beans, Legume, Légumineuse, Lima Bean, Mange-Tout, Navy Bean, Petit Haricot Noir, Phaseoli Fructus, Phaseolus, Phaseolus Vulgaris, Pinto Bean, Refried Beans, Seed-Free Bean Pods, Sine Semine, Snap Bean, Starch Blocker, String Bean, Vaina De Frijol, Wax Bean, White Bean, White Kidney Bean. Legume, Κουκί, Φασίολος, Φασόλι, Κύαμος, Κόκκος 豆子, 可食用的豆类种子, Frijol, Alubia, Fréjol, Fríjol, Frijón, Haba, Habichuela, Judía, Poroto; Фасоль, Боб; Монета; Голова, Boon; Feijão; Fava; Grão; Asulye, Tane; Fagiolo, Pianta Leguminosa;


The bean has many different varieties. It is a herbaceous annual plant that grows in almost all parts of the globe and is much appreciated for its edible fruit and dry or unripe seed. The seed is called the bean. The leaf can also be used and eaten as a vegetable.

Bean is a common name for different species, but common to all is the climbing habit of its plants. It is grown commercially and is widely available in Asia, Africa, Europe, South and North America, Oceania and Brazil and India are the largest producers of dry beans. China by far is the biggest producer of green beans. Together with squash and maize, the bean is also the foundation of Native American agriculture.


Fiber, starch, carbohydrates, calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B-12, calcium, lipids

Collection period

Beans can be harvested at an immature age when the seeds have not yet fully developed.

Do not tear off the plant, it is best to look for sizable pods.

Used Parts

Pods, bean (seeds)


  • Diabetes,

  • Obesity,

  • Parkinson’s disease,

  • Flatulence,

  • Kidney stones,

  • Lung cancer,

  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)


Beans can be eaten baked, boiled, cooked and mixed in other dishes. They can even be canned and preserved. There are many unique dishes that showcase beans depending on the country and variety that is grown.


Humble in appearance, beans pack many nutrients that satisfy a person and is responsible for maintaining healthy diets especially for fighting cancer and Parkinson’s.

Side Effects

Beans have a toxic element in them called lectin and it is especially concentrated in red kidney beans. It is recommended that they are soaked at least 5 hours in water and the water should be discarded. Outbreaks in slow poison have been associated in cooking kidney beans in slow cookers.

The symptoms are nausea, diarrhea and vomiting that are observant from one to three hours after consumption of the beans. Eating as little as only four to five beans can cause symptoms.

Beans are also high in purines and are metabolized to uric acid, people with gout are advised to limit bean consumption because of gout promotion.


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