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rencontre sur internet témoignage The skin is our largest organ with a vital function to protect our body, to regulate temperature and sensing the stimulation from the surrounding. It is very important to have a good, healthy skin. The skin has also aesthetical function. Busy and stressful lifestyle, lack of sleep, inadequate diet, pollution, smoking and alcohol drinking make our skin dry and dull. Today every woman dreams to have a smooth and shiny skin and usually spend a lot of money on expensive but chemical skin care products that actually more harm than nourish the skin and entire body.

i'm dating someone but i'm still in love with my ex The right care from nature will give you all you need for skin that glows. Here are the teas that are recommended for drinking as well as for external use on your skin.

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site de rencontres 35 Among the roots, which are excellent to clear the skin, ginger, dandelion and burdock roots are ones of the best. The tea from the root of the burdock is excellent against acne. You’ll need a little longer to see the results, but it’s worth to try. Drink this tea a few times per day for a couple of months. Tea from the dandelion root is a good coffee substitute – just add some honey and coconut milk and you will get a delicious drink that will detox your body. But for your skin, it is best to combine the root of the burdock and dandelion root.

Mix one teaspoon of each tea and pour 1 cup of boiling water. Leave for 10 minutes, drink and drink. Ginger is an excellent cleaner of the body and improves digestion. And as our skin is greatly affected by what we eat, removal of toxins, cleansing the body is crucial.

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Oat straw tea is considered one of the best for beautiful skin, because it contains B vitamins, vitamins A and C, and is great for calm, stress relief. It is recommended for those older than 30 years who have acne. The skin will be smooth and looks younger. Drink this tea before going to bed.

Besides to oat straw, green tea is necessary because it cleans the body from the inside.

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The teas, which we usually have in our pantry, work so well on our skin. Some of those are a chamomile and rosehip. You can drink tea chamomile tea every day, and also you can apply it onto clear, washed face, as it acts as a tonic – soothing, calming the infections and alleviate swollen eyes. To apply on the face, boil a strong chamomile tea. If desired, add to it lavender and rosemary tea. Allow the mixture to cool, then apply on the face with cotton balls.

The Rosehip is full of vitamin C, which is crucial for the immunity and health of the skin. Choose the teas or combinations that you like most and drink at least one cup each day, remove toxins, free your skin – let it shine. And, of course, do not forget to drink a lot of water as well.

Drink one cup of each of these teas daily, and the results were visible in a month!

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