Bird’s Eye | Veronica Officinalis

Other Names Heath Speedwell, Gypsyweed, Paul’s Betony, Fluellin, Groundhele, Ehrenpreiskraut, Gypsy Weed, Herbe Aux Ladres, Speedwell, Thé d’Europe, Thé Du Nord, Triaca, Verónica, Veronica Herb, Veronica Officinalis, Veronicae Herba, Véronique, Véronique Mâle, Véronique Officinale.


Your Domain Name A herbaceous perennial, it has hairy green stems that cover the ground in mats and bear soft, small violet flowers.


binУЄre optionen handeln mit startguthaben Vitamins, tannins,  glycoside aucubin, organic acids, sugars, flavonoids, resin

Collection period

Web Site May to August

Used Parts Flowering plant



Bird’s eye or more popularly known as speedwell can be made into a herbal tea and can be used as a diuretic and expectorant. It is also an effective tonic. It is also a good skin ointment to treat against eczema and helps soothe and treat wounds and skin irritation. Its extracts are sold for remedies such as sinus.


Bird’s eye is popularly known as speedwell and in most cases, its scientific name being Veronica officinalis, just by Veronica. Extracts were widely sold as herbal remedies. It has a slightly bitter and astringent taste and a tea-like aroma that makes it a substitute for tea.

Side Effects

There are no side effects noted as of this time.


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