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Other Names Árbol De Pan, Fruta De Pan, Pan, Panapen, (Spanish), Arbre À Pain, Fruit À Pain (French), Beta (Vanuatu), Bia, Bulo, Nimbalu (Solomon Islands), Blèfoutou, Yovotévi (Bénin), Breadfruit (English), Brotfruchtbaum (German), Broodvrucht, Broodboom (Dutch), Cow, Panbwa, Pain Bois, Frutapan, And Fruta De Pan (Caribbean), Fruta Pao, Pao De Massa (Portuguese), Kapiak (Papua New Guinea), Kuru (Cook Islands), Lemai, Lemae (Guam, Mariana Islands), Mazapan (Guatemala, Honduras), Meduu (Palau), Mei, Mai (Federated States Of Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Marquesas, Tonga, Tuvalu), Mos (Kosrae), Rata Del (Sri Lanka), Rimas (Philippines), Shelisheli (Tanzania), Sukun (Indonesia, Malaysia), ‘Ulu (Hawai‘I, Samoa, Rotuma, Tuvalu), ‘Uru (Society Islands), Uto, Buco (Fiji)

Description Baked or roasted, the fruit has a starchy texture and has a fragrance that is similar to freshly baked bread. It has been an important crop and component of traditional agriculture systems in the Pacific region for over 3,000 years. It grows as an evergreen tree up to 21 meters and has a dense canopy. The fruit is round in shape and has a skin texture that is smooth and sometimes, rough and spiny with a light green color. The flesh is creamy white. The number of seeds depends on the variety.

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Ingredients Carbohydrates, vitamin C, potassium, zinc, thiamine

Collection period May to July, September Most varieties produce fruit steadily throughout the year so it is always available.

Used Parts rencontre Fruit, leaves and latex



Consumption of the cooked fruit works as a laxative. The heated slices of the fruit applied over boils containing plus will take care of the problem. For very good results, boiled water containing the leaves should be used for baths by those suffering from rheumatism. The latex of the plant is applied externally in case of hernia in children.


Growing well in coastal areas, bread fruit is considered a good starch staple in Asian countries in the absence of rice.

Side Effects

No side effects have yet been reported for Breadfruit.


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