Broom | Sarothamnus scoparius

Other Names

femme cherche chauffeur particulier Scotch broom, Broom Tops. Irish Tops. Basam. Bisom. Bizzom. Browme. Brum. Breeam. Green Broom, English broom, Bannal, Basam, Besenginaterkraut, Besom, Bizzom, Breeam, Broom Tops, Browme, Brum, Butcher’s-Broom, Cytise à Balai, Cytisi Scoparii Flos, Cytisi Scoparii Herba, Cytisus scoparius, Escoba Negra, Genêt à Balai, Genet à Balais, Genettier, Genista andreana, Ginsterkraut, Grand Genêt, Herbe de Hogweed, Hogweed, Irish Broom Tops, Juniesse, Retama Negra, Sarothamnus scoparius, Sarothamnus vulgaris, Scoparium, Scoparius, Scotch Broom Herb, Scotch Broom Flower, Spartium scoparium, Ракитник венечный, Kустарник

Description Also called the common broom, Broom is a perennial shrub that can be found in western and central Europe. The plants grow up to 3 meters tall with main stems. The shoots are green and the leaves are deciduous. It produces golden yellow flowers in spring and summer. In summer it also produces mature black legumes and burst open with audible cracks. It is found in sunny areas and dry sunny soil in low altitude.


rencontre femme mariage oran Phytochemicals, Tyramine, Flavonoids, Isoflavones, Glycosides, Alkaloids, Sparteine, Volatile Oil, Tannins, Fat, Wax, Sugar,

Collection Period

rencontre lesbienne libreville May to June

Used Parts

conocer chicos en bilbao Tops, shoots, flowers



Broom was used for its yellow dye. The flower and its buds have been used as a salad ingredient and have been eaten raw or pickled, having been a popular ingredient in “grand sallet”. It is usually prepared as an infusion together with other herbs to purify the blood.


Broom is a versatile herb that can be eaten as a salad ingredient or taken as a tea. It is known to cleanse the body and purify the blood and has been in use for a few centuries. Be mindful of its toxicity as it can harm pregnant women.

Side Effects

Beware of toxic alkaloids that are contained in the legumes, it could depress and harm the nervous system and also target the heart. Sparteine could also cause vomiting and purging and weakens the heart, in some extreme cases may also cause death.


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