Cancer fighting salad recipe: Couscous salad with sun dried tomato Ingredients: Couscous Wheat- 120 gms

This Site Turmeric – 1 gm Salt/pepper To Taste Sun dried tomato- 2 nos

basics Olives (black/Green) – 2 nos each

advice Mint leaves- 2 sprig

Recommended Reading Lemon juice Ginger dices

Bell pepper dices- 15 gm

Olive oil- 2 Tsp


Pickle onion- 2 nos

Lettuce leaves


1. Take a pan and add salt, pepper, turmeric, couscous, olive oil and saffron. Steam the couscous for 5 minutes and chill immediately.

2. Now add lemon juice, bell pepper, olives, sun dried tomato, pickle onion (chopped) and dice ginger. Mix well and add mint. Mould it on top of lettuce leaves and serve chilled.

(Recipe contributed by Chef Diwas Wadhera, Executive Chef at Mosaic Hotels, Noida)

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