Black Salsify | Scorzonera Hispanica

January 20, 2017 2Herbs 0 site de rencontre que choisir rencontre fan kpop exemple 1er message site rencontre polnische partnervermittlung test browse around here rencontre femme senior charente maritime palmashow d8 site de rencontre additional resources you can try here Other Names Spanish salsify, also known as black oyster plant, serpent root, viper’s herb, viper’s grass or simply scorzonera Description A perennial member of the sunflower family, Black Salsify is cultivated as a root vegetable. […]

Black Mustard | Brassica Nigra

January 20, 2017 2Herbs 0

Other Names Black mustard Description – Ingredients – Collection period June to August Used Parts – Uses – Application – Summary – Side Effects -. References –

Black Currant | Ribes Nigrum

January 20, 2017 2Herbs 0

Other Names Black Currant Seed Oil, Feuille de Cassis , Cassis, European Black Currant, Gadelier Noir, Nabar, Paper, Groseille Noir, Grosella Negra, Huile de Pépins de Cassis, Ribes Nigri Folium (Black Currant Leaf), Ribes Nero, […]

Belladonna | Atropa Belladonna

January 20, 2017 2Herbs 0

Other Names Deadly nightshade, tropa bella-donna, Belladonna, Dwale, Banewort, Devil’s Cherries, Naughty Man’s Cherries, Divale, Black Cherry, Devil’s Herb, Great Morel, Atropa belladonna, Atropa acuminata, Baccifère, Belladona, Belladone, Belle-Dame, Belle-Galante, Bouton Noir, Cerise du Diable, […]

Bay Laurel | Laurus Nobilis

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Other Names Rand, Waraq al-lauri, Laurovy ĺist, Laur, Sweet laurel, (Sweet) Bay leaf, Laurier, Lorbeer, Alloro, Lauro, Лавр, Лавровый лист (Lavr, Lavrovyj list), Waraq ghaar Description Laurel or the Bay Laurel, is an aromatic evergreen, glossy […]

Basil, Sweet Basil | Ocimum basilicum

January 20, 2017 2Herbs 0

Other Names Albahaca, Basilic, Basilic Commun, Basilic Grand, Basilic Grand Vert, Basilic Romain, Basilic aux Sauces, Basilici Herba, Basilici Herba, Common Basil, Garden Basil, Krishna Tulsi, Munjariki, Ocimum basilicum, St. Josephwort, Surasa, Sweet Basil, Vanatulasi, […]

Barley | Hordeum Vulgare

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Other Names Barley Beta-Glucan, Barley Bran, Barley Grass, Barley Malt, Bêta-Glucane d’Orge, Cebada, Cereal Fiber, Dietary Fiber, Fibre Alimentaire, Fibre de Céréale, Green Barley, Green Barley Grass, Herbe d’Orge, Herbe d’Orge Verte, Hordeum, Hordeum Distichon, […]

Banana | Musaceae

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Other Names Saging, Musa basjoo, piesangs, bananer, bananes, bananen, banana, kela, banany, plátanos, banaanit Description The banana is a herbaceous flowering plant. Its plant is normally tall and fairly sturdy and is often mistaken for […]

Bamboo Shoots | Bambusa Vulgaris

January 20, 2017 2Herbs 0

Other Names Arrow Bamboo, Arundinaria japonica, Bambou, Bambou Flèche, Bambou du Japon, Bambou Métaké, Bambú, Pseudosasa japonica, Sasa japonica, Yadake, Los brotes de bamboo, Bamboescheut. Description Bamboo shoots or bamboo sprouts are the edible shoots […]

Balsamita Major, Costmary | Tanacetum Balsamita

January 20, 2017 2Herbs 0

Other Names Tanacetum Balsamita, Balsamita Vulgaris, Costmary, Alecost, Balsam Herb, Bible Leaf, Mint Geranium, Tanacetum Balsamita, Chrysanthemum Balsamita, Pyrethrum Balsamita, Balsamita Vulgaris, Balsamkraut, Marienbalsam, Marienblatt, Riechblättchen, Schmeckablaadl, Menta Romana, Erba Amara, Erba Buona, Erba Della […]

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