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rencontre régionale d'arboriculture centre-ouest Anthriscus cerefolium, Anthriscus longirostris, Garden chervil, French parsley, Gourmet parsley, chervel, sweet cicely, Cerefolio, Cerfeuil, Cerfeuil Commun, Cerfeuil Cultivé, Cerfeuil des Jardins, Garden Chervil, Herbe Aiguillée, Perifolio, Perifollo, Persil d’Âne, Persil d’Anis, Salad Chervil, Scandix cerefolium, Garten-Kerbel, Ке́рвель ажу́рный, или Купырь бутенели́стный, или Кервель обыкнове́нный


go to these guys Chervil is an annual herb that can be found in the border between Europe and Asia or what is called the Caucasus area. It is referred to as Garden Chervil and is used as food seasoning and is popularly used in French cuisine. The young leaves have an anise-like aroma. Wild Chervil is a poisonous species. It grows up to 70 centimeters with leaves that are curly. The flowers are small and white forming umbels across. The fruit is oblong with a slender beak the size of only one centimetre.


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Collection period

September to October

Used Parts

Ripe berries


  • Abscesses·

  • Antihypertensive·

  • Bitter Tonic ·

  • Blood Purifier·

  • Blood-Thinning·

  • Cold·

  • Digestive Stimulant·

  • Diuretic·

  • Eczema·

  • Expectorant·

  • Eyewash ·

  • Fever·

  • Headaches ·

  • Insomnia ·

  • Memory Problems ·

  • Prone Skin·

  • Sudorific·

  • Toning


Used as food seasoning and mixed with salads and has expectorant and aromatic properties. It is also a stimulant which has an aroma similar to anise. It is often preserved in vinegar. It is a popular garnish especially in French cuisine. It is a good digestive aid for those with high blood pressure and for curing hiccups.


A garnish and seasoning, Chervil is a popular herb used in French cuisine because of its anise-like aroma. It can be used as eyewash and a digestive stimulant. Also, it is has blood-thinning properties and has been linked with memory problems and insomnia.

Side Effects

A specific type of Chervil should be avoided. Wild Chervil is sometimes referred to as Cow Parsley and should be avoided because of its poison content.


  • Naturals Standard, Chervil:

  • WebMd, Chervil

Chervil Anthriscus cerefolium

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