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rencontrer des hommes hollandais Algodón, Algodón Americano, Algodón Cimarrón, Algodonero, Coton, Cotonnier, Cotton Plant, Cotton Root, Cotton Seed, Cotton Seed Oil, Cottonier, Cottonseed Oil, Gapas, Gossypium herbaceum, Gossypium hirsutum, Graine de Coton, Huile de Graine de Coton, Karpasa, Mian Hua Gen, Racine de Coton, Huluhulu, Maʻo, Hawaiian Cotton, Pamuk, Памук, Хлопча́тник, Baumwolle, Baumwollpflanze 


die zeit online partnersuche Cotton is native to the subtropical regions from the Old and New World. The name of its genus comes from the word in Arabic goz which means soft substance. Thus, it is the primary natural fiber used by humans. It is an oilseed crop and is also a good source for animal protein. Cotton has quite a history and is of great importance in economy, agriculture, industries and trade. Its origin dates back to around 10 million years and has an extraordinary morphology and capabilities of adaptation.

binäre optionen online broker The fiber grows is a soft and fluffy, natural fiber and can be found in a protective capsule. The fiber is composed of cellulose. Chino, denim, terrycloth and cambric are just some of the fabrics produced from cotton. 


femme qui cherche un ami Resin, gossypol, cellulose, water, waxes, fatty substances, protoplasm, pectin, mineral salt, protein

Collection Period June-October

Used Parts

Fiber, Stalk, Seeds, Flowers,

Bark of the root


  • Cotton swab

  • Severe stomach cramps

  • Gripping stomach ache

  • Relieves childbirth pains and spasms 


The flowers were sun-dried and eaten in Hawaii. The fibers are made into fabric and were also used as pillow stuffing. Many products come from cotton including facial cotton and swabs, and can also be used in fishing nets, tents and coffee filters. There is also cotton paper and Chinese paper of thin substance. Fire hoses were also once made of cotton. Many materials also use cotton like those that require silky fibers.

The cotton seed which remains after the cotton is ginned can be made into cotton seed oil that can be consumed just like vegetable oil in some households. The cotton seed bark was also used as abortifacient to induce miscarriage during the American slavery period. 


Cotton is used in almost every part of modern life, in its raw or refined form, mixed with other materials or turned into fabric. Cotton seed oil can also be used as a vegetable oil substitute. 

Side Effects

Gossypol is found in cotton and is classified as a poisonous pigment. It inhibits development of sperm and restricts its mobility. 


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  • Native Plants Hawaii, Gossypium:



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