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Other Names

rencontre plus 50 ans gratuit Cowpea, Blackeyed pea, cowpea, caupi, southern pea, tua dam, kunde, niébé, blackeye pea, alacín, pericillo, caritas, cabecita negra, macassar bean, rope bean, fríjol (Venezuela), Augenbohne or Kuhbohne (Germany), asparagus bean, black-eyed pea, catjang, catjang cowpea, Chinese long bean, clay pea, cow-pea, cream pea, crowder pea, pea bean, purple-hull pea, southern pea, sow pea, yard-long bean [English], dolique asperge, dolique mongette, haricot asperge, haricot indigène, Hungry Season Crop, niébé, pois à vaches [French], feijão-espargo, feijão-fradinho [Portuguese], costeño, frijol de costa, judía catjang, judía espárrago, rabiza [Spanish], اللوبياء [Arabic], adua, ayi, too, tipielega, yo, tuya, saau [Ghana], wake, ezo, nyebbe, ngalo, azzo, dijok, alev, arebe, lubia, mongo, ewa, akedi, akoti [Nigeria], kunde [Swahili], Kedesche, sona, kadje, tombing, isanje [Togo], imbumba, indumba, isihlumaya [Zulu], kacang bol, kacang merah, kacang toonggak, kacang béngkok [Indonesian], đậu dải, đậu dải trắng rốn nâu [Vietnamese], Sitaw, Ви́гна кита́йская, Коро́вий горо́х, Грах -црни


rencontres jogging One of the ancient crops known to mankind, Cowpea has been domesticated and is a highly variable and adaptable crop. It is one of the popular legumes originating in Africa. It is identified by its brown-ringed hylum. It is called the Hungry Season crop, being one of the first crops to be harvested before cereal crops, making it one of the valuable foods. It is especially flexible in its use.


le 1er site de rencontres extra-conjugales Protein, fat content, carbohydrates, fiber, water, amino acids, vitamin A, minerals, calories, saponin, vignalin, oleanane, oleanolic acid acetate, cyanide, oxalate phytate 

Collection Period

mujeres solteras y buenas June

Used Parts

who is one direction members dating Roots, leaves, seeds 


  • her response Abdominal discomfort

  • Bilharzia

  • Chest pains

  • Constipation

  • Dysmenorrhea

  • Epilepsy

  • Flatulence

  • Headaches

  • Ingestion

  • Shistosomiasis

  • Treats stubborn boils 


  • Anti-bacterial

  • Anti-bleeding

  • Antifungal

  • Anti-inflammatory


Cowpeas can be made into animal feed. In India, it is made into a cake steamed with sweet dumplings prepared with mashed cowpeas. In Sri Lanka, Cowpeas are cooked in many ways and are consumed in Asian countries as a vegetable and is usually mixed in baby food. 


Abundant in the summer, Cowpea is a staple food crop for both humans and cattle. It is one of the most basic crops grown since ancient times even before cereal crops. In medicinal uses, it fights Shistosomiasis and is mixed in soups, sautéed and is eaten as a vegetable. In addition, it is also easy to grow for household consumption. 

Side Effects

Cowpea may cause nitrate poisoning. 


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  • Stuart Exchange, Cowpeas:


Vigna sinensis

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