Dyer’s Broom | Genista Tinctoria

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Other Names

Broom Flower, Dyers Broom, Dyer’s Greenwood, Dyer’s Weed, Dyer’s Whin, Fleur à Teindre, Furze, Genestrelle, Genêt Bâtard, Genêt des Teinturiers, Genista tinctoria, Genette, Green Broom, Greenweed, Herbe à Jaunir, Herbe à Teindre, Petit Gênet, Spargelle, Wood Waxen, Woad Waxen, (French) Genêt des Teinturiers, Dyer’s Weed, (German) Färberginster, Greenwood, Greenweed, Woud-wix, Dyer’s Broom, Genet des Teinturiers, Base Broom, Frberginster, Broom Plant, Färberginster, Genista tinctoria, Дрок краси́льный, Дрок кровожа́дный


Dyer’s Greenwood is an evergreen shrub that has slender green stems and small leaves and can adapt to dry conditions. It has yellow flowers and in some cases white, orange or pink. It was a popular plant during old English days because of the usefulness of all of its parts. It can produce a consistent yellow dye, its versatility can be traced in archeological sites.


Scopnarine, sparteine, water, alcohol, essential oil, volatile oil

Collection Period


Used Parts

Whole plant


  • Albuminuria,

  • Broken limbs,

  • Constipation,

  • Convalescence,

  • Dropsy,

  • Edema,

  • Gout,

  • Heart problems,

  • Hydrophobia,

  • Menstrual promotional,

  • Rheumatism,

  • Sciatica,

  • Tumors,

  • Urinary stones


  • Blood purifier,

  • Cathartic,

  • Diuretic,

  • Diuretic,

  • Emetic,

  • Narcotic,

  • Purgative,

  • Stimulant


The seeds can be powdered and made into plaster to help reconstruct broken limbs. The whole plant can be used as a decoction to remedy gout, rheumatism, and dropsy. The shoots can be made into a homeopathic remedy. A yellow dye can be obtained from the flowers.


Dyer’s Greenwood has been known as a remedy for gout and rheumatism. An effective preparation is in the form of a tincture.

Side Effects

Cows eat the plant and will introduce a kind of bitterness in their milk and can penetrate even processed dairy products like butter and cheese that can have an unpleasant effect.


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