Evening Primrose Relieves the Pain

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http://www.comitesdepistagecancers.fr/ployka/82 Primrose has long been known as a remedy for cough and bronchitis. This herb is rich in vitamin C, reduces the symptoms in the lungs and facilitates expulsion of mucus from the bronchi.

http://www.sv-st-blasien.de/?sheldon=singleb%C3%B6rse-bonn-kostenlos&bf4=e1 Experienced herbalists say that the most effective in treating bronchitis is syrup made from this plant.

view publisher site Instead of syrup, you can make a tea by mixing 10 grams of evening primrose root, the fruit of anise, chamomile and marshmallow leaf and 20 grams of licorice root and thyme.

empleada para hombre solo Pour a cup of boiling water over a spoon of this mixture, let sit for 20 minutes, strain and drink. Daily you can drink more than three cups of tea.

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