Fruits & Vegetables Instead of Pills

In recent years, vitamins and minerals in the diet have been given much attention.

In addition to taking food rich in these ingredients, Vitamin pills are believed to preserve health better. What is the truth and what is fiction? All vitamins are divided into those that are soluble in water and those soluble in fats.

In the water-soluble B group are vitamins, which are important as regulators of many physiological functions. Misuse of these vitamins cannot exist because they cannot accumulate in the body.

Excess of vitamins in B roup, as well as others who are not water-soluble, is excreted in urine. Good source of vitamin B groups are grains, but not peeled, fresh yeast and organ meats. Folic acid is important in the diet, especially for pregnant women.

This acid is found in all green leafy vegetables and giblets.Daily requirement for foliate is 200 micrograms. Today there is a lot of talk about vitamin C, which is often given too much significance. The minimum dose is 60 milligrams and 200 milligrams optimal.

All doses greater than 500 milligrams per day are unnecessary and useless because they are excreted via urine. This vitamin has in its yellow, green, orange and red fruits and vegetables. Any excessive intake of these vitamins can be negative for the organism because they can be toxic. They are not easily excreted; they are huge reserves in the body and usually are not in short supply.

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