Garcinia Indica (Cambogia)

Garcinia indica is a plant in mangosteen family and commonly known as kokum, is a fruit bearing tree that has culinary, pharmaceutical and industrial uses. Garcinia indica is also known as garcinia cambogia.

Fresh fruits of this tree provides credence (force) to heart, eliminates blood bile. Dried fruits acts as interesting digestive receptors. Bark of this tree is anastaltic. Oil produced from these seeds help in clotting and healing of wound. Ripe fruits are antihelmintic, nutritious and produce constipation as they are digested slowly. It is really beneficial in piles, dysentery. It is also useful in treatment in tuberculosis and other ailments of lungs.

Since ancient times, garcinia indica has been used widely for medicinal as well as culinary use. It is very useful in treatment of piles, dysentery and alcoholism.



Leaves of garcinia indica and banana are roasted. These roasted leaves are then grinded and made into small balls. In warm milk two such balls are added and consumed immediately. Fruits/oil of this tree can be consumed with milk to reduce bloody stools.

  • PILES:

Sour cream mixed with roasted leaves of garcinia indica and cooked for 5-7 minutes. Paste of this mixture is made. Consuming this paste helps to get rid of hemorrhagic piles


A paste of garcinia indica, cardamom seeds and sugar should be made. This paste should be taken before meals to control acid production in stomach.


Oil of garcinia indica should be warmed and applied on affected area.


Alcoholism causes heartburn and deflagration. Leaves of garcinia indica should be boiled in water, strained, cooled down. This water should be consumed after straining.

Garcinia indica is a treasure of medicinal properties.

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