Gooseberries – to strengthen the immune system

Gooseberries strengthen the immune system, restores tissue, effective against asthma and autoimmune diseases

Gooseberry is incredible fruit that contains a vast amount of vitamin C and antioxidants oleic acid and quercetin. This fruit contains a large amount of vitamin A and B complex and minerals: iron, calcium, chromium and phosphorus.

Gooseberries can significantly strengthen the immune system and protect the body from chronic diseases. In particular, a beneficial effect in treating infections of the urinary tract, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and disorders of the blood.

Its anti-inflammatory properties make it indispensable in cases of autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, cardiomyopathy, lupus, bursitis, and fibromyalgia.



Gooseberry has a powerful antimutagenic and anti-proliferative property, which can be vital to the prevention of cancer. Excellent in alkalization digestive systems and the removal of acidosis, improves the absorption of food and the excellent help for the digestive system. Increases energy levels and vitality, increases muscle tone, improves vision, eliminates toxins and boosts fertility.

A good remedy for fever and higher body temperature as it has a natural cooling effect on the body.

Gooseberry is an excellent anti-aging, it helps recovery of organs, cells and tissues, and thus improves health and vitality. Gooseberry is known as a means of re-growth of hair, nourishes the hair roots, restores pigmentation and shine. Gooseberries and its oil is often found in tonic to treat problems with hair.

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