Green pea

From a botanical perspective, pea green (garden pea) belongs to the family of legumes (like lentils, chickpeas, white beans, etc.).
​You eat the immature seeds (young green peas) with her sleeve (sugar peas) or the dry mature seeds (dry peas).

​From a nutritional standpoint, however, the green peas are traditionally classified among the vegetables, although their composition this is not typical. Their content of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers like other vegetables the same, but the composition of their proteins and carbohydrates does not. With 5-6% protein between the green peas are vegetables (1-3%) and cooked legumes (6-10%) to be classified. The properties of these proteins are the same as that of the pulses.

The carbohydrate content is also higher than that of vegetables, but does not reach the legumes. The green pea is a bit unique in this respect. It has all the benefits of fruits and vegetables, of which consumption of five servings per day is recommended, and makes a significant contribution to the supply of essential proteins and carbohydrates.

site de rencontre gratuit 86000 Ingredients of peas

Peas have a high content of proteins, because of a pea, 25% of which contain, with all eight essential amino acids are represented.Carbohydrates are abundant, this minimal fat. Furthermore, many fibers included pea and a lot of different minerals to which calcium, Phophor, copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron and many more are. Also, the various vitamins A, B and C are represented. Additionally, enzymes and hormones include peas. Since peas are legumes, they contain the substance phasin which, although present only in small amounts, but can not seem harmless to the human body. Although peas contain far less than beans, but you should not eat them directly from the plant and to take only processed it. We recommend that you cook peas and blanch peas, soaked or grown seedlings. The soaked peas and pea sprouts have been lost through germination or soaking in phasin, so only a short blanching is necessary.

Medical effects of peas (sprouts)

The pea is assigned no noteworthy medicinal properties. However, Galen of Pergamum holds a doctor of the time, two hundred years after Christ’s birth, the pea patch in inflammation of the breast to be effective. In addition, the pea as already discussed several useful and the human body supporting ingredients that have a positive impact on the well being contains.

directory Soaking the peas continue to use e.g. for cooking?
In addition to the consumption of raw peas is often asked the question of whether you can continue to use the soaking of the peas. When using the soaking water when cooking there are no health risks. Since the soaking pass some vitamins and other nutrients in the water, it is even recommended. However, one disadvantage it brings with it: When soaking go indigestible carbohydrates in the water on that trigger bloating with us because our bodies are not used to this. A regular consumption should, however, reduce the bloating.

go Can peas to germinate pea sprouts
The peas should be 10 – soak for 12 hours. Then put the peas into the seed or germ unit glass and 2 – water 3 times daily. When using a seed device, the level should be aired with the peas often because gases may arise. At an ambient temperature of 20-21 ° C and a seed time 3-4 days, the pea sprouts can be harvested. Peas, which are marketed specifically for germination are not known to us. We therefore (not from a can or jar!) Recommend untreated organic peas. One and a half cups seed yield 2 cup pea sprouts. Pea sprouts in the kitchen
The pea sprouts can replace the peas in all recipes. Due to the phasin the peas should be used in warm meals. Therefore for Asian rice dishes they agree very well. Especially fish dishes can be refined by pea sprouts. Especially recommended for vegetarians and vegans
To make the vegetarian cuisine rich in protein, it is highly recommended to integrate legumes. Since the pea is one of the legumes, the rungs of these are the perfect complement.

published here Characteristics Name Pea, garden pea, edible pea
subtitle indonesia marriage without dating ep 12 subscene Water 2-3 times a day
most popular dating sites in italy Soaking 12 hours Fibrous roots No
Harvest time 3 – 4 days
Raw edible No
Edible parts Germinated seeds
Additional information Contains phasin should therefore peas are heated.

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