Green Tea on Honey Granita

Need something to refresh and energize yourself?

Revitalize yourself with this easy to make immune booster drink!


All you need for 2 servings  is:

          2 Cups strong brewed organic green tea

          2 Tbs. raw honey

          2 Tbs.  lemon juice

          1 Tsp. finely minced peeled fresh ginger


Step the green tea bags into hot water and stir in honey until dissolved. Stir in lemon juice and ginger and pour into 9 x 9 -inch metal baking pan. Put the pan in the freezer. After an hour, crush lumps with the fork, leave and repeating after 20-30 minutes until granita is firm and has snowy consistency. Serve immediately or keep in freezer up to 3 days, scraping very often.

Per serving: 16 cal, 0g proteins, 0g total fat, 4g carbohydrates, 0mg sodium, 0g fiber, 4g sugar

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