The Healing Powers of Birch Tree الخيارات الثنائية سعر التداول استراتيجية العمل site de rencontres par téléphone Birch (Betula pendula) is a deciduous slender tree known for its white bark. It grows in all parts of Europe and Asia and has a great importance in herbal medicine. It has always been appreciated in many nations around the world, especially for Indians, Native Americans, and Siberians.

site de rencontre pour ado timide In the past centuries, birch leafs was used for healing wounds and ulcers. In 16th century Italian doctor Mattioli discovers its extraordinary effect  against the stones in the kidney and bladder, calling it “the tree against kidney disease.”

Siberian birch is known for medicinal fungus – chaga that was grown on the three.

The leafs, buds, sap, and tea are used for medicinal purpose.

Leafs and buds of birch contain saponins, tannins, essential oils, sucrose, betulin, resins, vitamin C.

Birch tar contains guaiacol and cresol – substances that have a healing and antiseptic effect and are often used for skin diseases.

The sap from the birch tree is rich in minerals and vitamins, sugars and amino acids.  

The birch tree is most valued as a diuretic and is used for treating urinary infections, stomach, kidney pain, albuminuria and bladder and liver disease. It stimulates sweating.

The birch leaves reduce cholesterol. It is helpful in treating conditions like heart edema, arterial hypertension, and atherosclerosis.

The buds of the birch tree contain antibiotic while bark contains antipyretic properties and its recommended in the treatment of flu, colds and chronic sinusitis. It lowers temperature, relieves headaches and strengthens the immune system.

Brewed tea cups are excellent against high blood pressure.

The birch tree is recommended also for thrombophlebitis, skin inflammation, pneumonia, bronchitis.

A bath with birch leaf water prevent skin irritations and dandruff and it is good for healing conditions like eczema, dermatitis and furunculous.���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½ Birch tree vinegar

Soak birch tree leaves in organic apple cider vinegar for several weeks. Consume this vinegar as salad dressing or drink. Resolve 2tbs vinegar with a cup of water and add 1 tbs honey for a better taste or drink plain to treat coughs. Birch water

Soak birch leaves in water for few hours and wash skin to treat skin irritations.

helpful site Birch juice

Birch leaves are juiced and recommended a daily dose of this juice is 2 cups for adults and 1 cup for kids. It is used for treating urinary infections, edema, and renal calculosis. It is also good for arthritis and bones.

you could look here Birch tea

Cut or break the twigs up into small pieces and place into the jar, pour with boiled and cooled water and steep overnight.

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