Herbal Facial Steam

Our skin is every day attacked by toxins, dirt, and pollution from the air. To have a gentle and delicate skin it is necessary to give your skin appropriate care. The best treatment is with all natural, herbal nutrients that get deep into the pores to clear them out and give the skin its natural glow.

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Sage probably will not be the first herb come to your mind when you think of natural skincare, but this herb has a lengthy list of internal uses. Sore throats, colds, and flu treat very successful with sage because it has antibacterial characteristics. Meaning the word “sage” is derived from the Latin word “salvage,” which means “to heal “ or ” save.”
Sage is also an astringent, it causes the contraction of skin tissues. So, when you use sage into a herbal face steam, its astringent characteristic helps to tighten and tone pores. At the same time, you’re giving the skin a good, deep cleansing because of its antibacterial effect.

Lavender – anti-stress

Comes from the Latin verb “lavar,” meaning “to wash ” lavender is excellent for cleansing skin. It has also effect to soothe skin irritations. Because of its anti-inflammatory effect, this herb is very good for red and inflamed skin, especially acne. Lavender can be used for all types of wounds and damaged skin but also inhaling lavender it has a calming effect on the body and mind. Lavender helps to relieve stress, tension, anxiety, and depression. It has very positive effect on our nervous system.

Tea tree essential oil acne treatment

For a good reason, one of the most popular essential oils for skin is tea tree. With its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties help to blast away almost all sorts of skin conditions. Tea tree is often used to cleanse damaged skin, soothe rashes, and it is also used in eczema and acne treatment. Tea tree oil is known as volatile oil.When heated, essential oils evaporate into the air, what makes them perfect to use into a facial steam.

For this recipe, it can be used either fresh or dried herb, but because fresh are more aromatics it is recommended to use them if available.

Here is recipe how to make a Herbal Facial Steam For Clear & Glowing Skin


1 tbs dried lavender flowers
1 tbs dried sage leaves
3 drops tea tree essential oil


Pour boiling water into the wide glass bowl with mixed herbs and essential oil
Place the towel over your head, lean your head over the bowl.
Close your eyes and allow the steam to cleanse your pores for several minutes, or until the steam is gone.
Don’t get too close to the steam, you can burn your face. While water cools you can lower your face closer to the water for the steam to reach it.
When you finish with the facial steam, splash your face with some cool water to finish closing the pores.

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