Inclined Bed Therapy, an Ancient Method of Treatment

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look at these guys Inclined Bed Therapy known as IBT therapy is an ancient method of treatment of healing.

partnervermittlung st.margrethen This simple, free and very effective method has a number of long-term health benefits.

wazoo rencontre IBT therapy is based on a very simple principle – raising the upper side of the bed for around 15 centimeters, resulting in a horizontal surface slope. It is believed that this method of treatment applied even five thousand years ago in ancient Egypt.

recherche flirt The beds discovered in the tombs of the Pharaohs were up to 15 centimeters high on the pillow. Even a  beds for slaves made from mud were inclined up to the same extent.

Look At This At the end of the last century inclined bed therapy popularized the scientist and independent medical researcher Andrew K. Fletcher. Immediately after its discovery, this method of treatment supported by many other world experts in the field of alternative medicine, who believe that no other therapy offers so many health benefits with so little resources.

donde conocer chicos Here are all benefits of Incline Bed Therapy

Improves circulation and detoxification

sites de rencontre ca marche Due to higher lying posture, gravity facilitates the flow of body fluids what gradually leads to the regeneration and healing of human cells. Sleeping on an inclined bed, body gets heated more and faster, what increases  sweating and body detox through the skin.

Resolves the problems of apnea and snoring

paruvendu 76 rencontre Apnea is a serious breathing disorder that occurs during sleep and is characterized by periods of cessation of breathing.

Muscle tone that adheres to the soft palate, ear lobe, tongue, and tonsils reduces during the sleep. Relaxing of these muscles leads to the base of tongue, palate or tonsils falling back to throat causes partial or total closure of the airway. It is similar in snoring, which occurs during sleep in a flat position at the back. In this position, the muscles in his throat relaxed, and throat narrows, also tongue falls back and creates resistance to airflow, resulting in snoring.

Experts agree that sleeping on an inclined bed can be a solution for these problems.

Sleeping in incline bed position gravity prevents tongue, palate or tonsils relaxation, and thus the locking or closing of the airways.

Helps with diabetes

Some studies have shown that IBT could help in reducing blood sugar levels.  Positive results from researching confirmed that after treatment of eight weeks and according to diabetic experts, IB   therapy is required for at least six months.

Reduces the frequency of nocturia (nocturnal enuresis )

With all of other benefits, IB therapy is also effective in the treatment of frequent nocturnal enuresis.

“  IBT helps the body  to get warmed up faster because of gravity and increases perspiration trough the skin, reducing urine production. During my research about a sleeping position I was worked with many people who suffer from a number of diseases, including multiple sclerosis, “said Andrew Fletcher. With patients suffering from this disease is confirmed decreased frequency of nocturnal enuresis in almost every case, but there were many.

Relieves GERD

The IBT helps with the problem of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), the condition in which the stomach contents leak backward from the stomach into the esophagus. During IBT, gravity helps to keep acidic gastric juices from rising up the esophagus.

Nowadays almost all doctors advise IBT to their patients who suffer from GERD.

Anti – aging effect

Traditional horizontal sleeping inhibits the ability of the body’s circulatory system to functional an optimum level, thus this sleeping position causes restricted blood flow and an inability of the lymphatic system to flush out the toxins that accumulate in many networks of vessels throughout the body. According to Andrew Fletcher ( designer of IBT) theory of IBT, gravity plays an important role in anti – aging process. Sleeping in inclined bad reduces swelling of the eyes and face, skin becomes more toned and firm.That’s why astronauts in space without gravity aged faster than on Earth, Fletcher thinks.

If you practice IBM therapy at home,  it is possible that you will first few days feel muscle pain and headache, which is a result of sudden detoxification. Improvement does not have to occur immediately. The changes can be felt after three to four weeks, and in some cases only after several months. If the body has an implanted object (eg.  stent), doctor’s consultation will be needed prior to practicing of IBT.

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