Lose Weight With Chocolate

People who regularly eat chocolate are generally thinner than those who enjoy the occasional treat, according to a new study. In a study conducted in the United States participated in the 1000 respondents, the researchers analyzed their eating habits, calorie intake and body mass


It is shown that people who eat chocolate several times a week are thinner in the waist than those who at this delicacy at times, told the BBC. Although chocolate is full of calories, it also contains substances that promote weight loss, not only the creation of fat, they said.

They concluded that it is important how often people eat chocolate and not in what quantity.

This data only suggest a link between eating chocolate and less weight, but do not represent

proof that one factor causes another.

“What we found suggests that the composition of calories, not just their number, is important to determine the ultimate impact on weight,” said study leader, Dr. Betaris Golomb of the University of California at San Diego.

Other studies have shown that eating chocolate may be good for heart health. Chocolate,

especially dark chocolate contains antioxidants that help in the liberation of free radicals

– unstable chemicals that can damage our cells.

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