A Miracle Weed That Grows on the Street and Backyards

Nettle (Urtica dioica)

Looking for a solution to our health problems, we often forget that nature has already given us all the health needs and that we can as all natural and free medications.

Nettle is one of the “ given ones “ that is so beneficial that if we all knew that, we would never take a pill again! This plant is considered a weed but can hugely improve our overall health. All parts of nettle – stems, leaves, roots, and flowers – have healing properties.

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This simple plant for centuries is a well-known nature remedy for weakness and prevention of anemia. Nettle is rich in iron, the most important element in the human body that is not produced in the body. So that is a reason why nettle was an indispensable ingredient of every home pharmacy in past history. It is still used today as a natural remedy to improve blood cells and blood circulation. It is also rich in Vitamin C, which naturally promotes better iron absorption, and has no common side effects of iron supplementation such as nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain. Nettle is also a natural source of energy and vitality.

Helps with body detox

This slightly unpleasant plant is an excellent aid in body detox.It stimulates the digestive system, enhances fluid secretion, cleanses the blood and urinary tract. Nettle helps in extracting excess uric acid from the body, so it serves as a natural remedy for gout disease related problems. This plant is, therefore, a powerful help in healing discomforts caused by the toxins accumulation and retention.

Helps with weight loss

Nettle has a diuretic effect, purifies the blood and stimulates the metabolism. Nettle can be prepared as salad or tea.

Natural choice for pregnant women

Nettle is a herbaceous plant that is recommended to be used in the most sensitive period of a woman’s life – pregnancy. Can be used as a tea but is not recommended as a freshly squeezed juice.

Being abundant with iron, it is a natural choice for preventing and treating pregnancy anemia and to stimulate circulation.

It improves kidneys works as well as cystitis. Nettle tea relieves stress, regulates the hormones and soothes the inflammation.

Also rich in magnesium, it reduces cramps in the feet and relieves birth pain, so relieves fatigue and weakness.

It can help with hemorrhoids and prevent bleeding after delivery.

It stimulates the production of mother’s milk.

Nettle tea can be used from the 2nd trimester and throughout the breastfeeding period.

Improves the health of the hair

This plant stimulates hair growth and cleans hair follicles. Rinse your hair with nettle tea every time after washing the hair to treat baldness as well as dandruff.  

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