Mud Therapy

Nature has given us one of the most important and healthy gift i.e. SOIL. Few decades ago, children who played outdoors were considered healthy as the soil in the field helped build child’s immunity and protected them against illness. However, nowadays children prefer playing indoors with PlayStation and even due to pollution, quality of the soil has degraded.

Mud has a property to absorb toxins from the body, hence when used as a pack, it is really beneficial for the body.

  • Which soil and what type of mud should be used?

Due to its medicinal property, mud therapy is widely used. Clean and full soil should be used. The top layer of soil is filled with dust, dirt and pollutants thereby making it unfit for mud therapy. Mud from 2-3 feet deep under the ground is best for mud therapy. Such soil should be dried and sieved before use.

The soil of river banks and ant hills are the best for mud therapy after thorough cleaning.

  • How to use soil for mud therapy?

Things to be needed are-

  • Utensil
  • Wooden bar/spatula
  • Cotton cloth
  • Water

Clean soil should be taken. Such soil should be soaked in the water properly and should be mixed using wooden spatula/bar into clay type consistency. The clay dough shouldn’t be thick or runnier. It should be thick enough to apply on the body. This clay should be then applied on clean cotton cloth in a thick layer and should be folded. This cloth is ready to be applied on the body. For example: for stomach ache, the cloth should be long and wide enough to cover the abdomen area. After applying mud on the cloth, the cloth should be folded and tied onto the back securely. Mud will absorb all the toxins from the body.
Points to remember:

  • Soil should never be mixed using hands.
  • Wooden bar/spatula should only be used for mixing soil.
  • Soil soaked in water should only be used.
  • Once the clay strip has begun to warm it should be changed.
  • Soil once used for mud therapy should not be re-used for making clay strips again.

Benefits of mud therapy

  • Provides cool & soothing effect to the body.
  • During low grade fever, mud therapy absorbs body’s heat.
  • It reduces inflammation
  • Eliminates body stench and pain
  • It gives magnetic strength & agility to the body

Where to apply mud pack?

  • Forehead- Reduces hair fall, dandruff and headache.
  • Abdomen- Eliminates gas, abdomen pain and bloating. Pack should be applied empty stomach or two hours after meal. This pack absorbs heat from intestines, aids in digestion and reduces peristalsis.
  • Eyes- Mud pack can be used for conjunctivitis, puffy eyes, dark circles. It also improves eyes sight.
  • Face- Fuller’s earth is most commonly used mud pack for glowing skin. Mud pack is mixed with saffron powder to improve complexion, removes oiliness, blemishes and gives soft supple skin.

Mud therapy can also be used for first degree burns, skin problems, eczema, constipation and sun tanning.

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