Natural Remedy for Enlarged Prostate

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If you are a man over  50, chances are you will at some point suffer from an enlarged prostate. The good news? The berries of this shrubby palm tree may provide relief. Saw palmetto is the most effective herbal treatment for being prostatic hypertrophy  ( BPH ), a noncancerous enlargement of the prostate that affects mostly older men due to the long – term effects of testosterone on the gland. Saw palmetto is recommended to any man in this age group who is experiencing symptoms of BPH: frequent urination, weaker flow and uncomfortable feeling that you can’t quite empty your bladder.

This tree grows wild in the southeastern US, especially Florida and Native Americans used this dark berries as an aphrodisiac and tonic for the male reproductive system. Recently the herb has seen a major revival, especial in Europe, as a top treatment for BPH.In last few decades, saw palmetto’s effectiveness in treating BPH has been supported by numerous well-designed European studies. One multicenter study of more than 1000 men found that 26 weeks supplementation with saw palmetto produced results comparable to the prescription drug finasteride ( Proscar ) relieving BPH symptoms in two-thirds of subjects – but without the drug‘s side effects of decreased libido and impotence. Another controlled study indicated that the extract significantly reduced excessive urination in 85 percent of study participants over the course of a three – year trial.

For best results is recommend to use standardized extract instead of tea. ( Teas made from saw palmetto are decidedly not effective against BPH, as the fatty acid that contributes to the herb‘s beneficial effect doesn’t extract well into water ).Improvement of symptoms can be noticed in about four to six weeks. The only side effect can be upset stomach, so it is recommended to take it with food

You should not self –diagnose an enlarged prostate without first checking with a doctor rule out more – serious conditions such as a kidney infection or prostate cancer. Also, the advice is to inform your doctor about taking this herb.



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