Ingredients from plants protecting our pets and us

Flavonoids have profound effects on the function of immune and inflammatory cells, as determined by a large number and variety of in vitro and some in vivo observations.

Berry fruit extracts and their bioactive compounds, when isolated, significantly inhibited activator protein-1 (AP-1), nuclear factor-KappaB(NFKB) and mitogen-activated protein kisases (MAPKs) signaling induced by UV or 12-tetradocanolyphorbol-13-acetate (TPA). Berry extracts specifically induced apoptosis and differentiation” “The chemopreventativeeffects of berry fruits might be through their antioxidant properties by blocking reactive oxygen species-mediated AP-l, NF-kappaBand MAPK activation.22“


Anti-angiogeniceffects: modulation of cell signaling pathways by flavonoidscould help prevent cancer.

Delphinidins inhibit EGFR kinaseinhibitors downstream. It’s the delphinidinaglyconein the anthocyanidingroup of compounds that recently has captured the attention of the French and produced a November 2005 NIH overview on delphinidinsin brain cancer research (Quebec study).

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