Refreshing Drink for Hot Summer Days

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Botanists have known over 200 species of hibiscus with colorful beautiful flowers but our story relates to  Hibiscus sabdariffa with dark red flowers. An excellent beverage is prepared from it, a real summer refreshment  The Hibiscus tea is very popular, especially in many African countries.

The Hibiscus plant is used as an antioxidant and improve the health of the cardiovascular system. It is used also as a diuretic and stimulates urinary excretion of uric acid. Hibiscus tea has a beneficial effect on some metabolic processes in the body because it reduces glucose and total blood cholesterol preventing atherosclerosis. Studies have shown that this red drink helps to lower blood pressure.

Here is a good news for diabetics: there are scientific claims that hibiscus tea can have a positive effect on lipid profile in people with type 2 diabetes.

Hibiscus is traditionally used for treating fever and liver problems, especially in the countries from where this plant originates, India and China.

According to recent researches, the hibiscus has a mildly healing effect, and can not be reliably recommended in the standard treatment for any health problem. However, since it contains a range of medicinal substances (including vitamin C and anthocyanins that slows down brain aging), regular use of hibiscus tea may bring some mild health benefits.

The greatest benefit of the hibiscus comes to light on hot summer days. The hibiscus tea is a cool refreshing drink, even with ice cubes. It can be prepared with boiling water as well as any other tea, but also with cold water, leaving it to stand for several hours or overnight. The refreshed hibiscus tea is excellent for hydrating the body, refreshing and reliefs feeling of heat.

Various types of hibiscus are used in various parts of the world, as a traditional tea. However, be careful without sufficient knowledge of its characteristics, and consume only tea from the hibiscus sabdariffa plant, because some types of hibiscus can have a toxic effect and cause harmful effects.

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