St John’s Wort – Cure for Depression

St. John’s wort has been known as a remedy for various ailments. It grows in pastures, meadows and rocky cliffs, and blossom from May to August depending on the climate.

This magical plant grows in height to 60 inches, has a specific smell, bitter taste and is rich in iron, essential oils, resins, carotene, choline and vitamin C. It is used in the form of tea, oils, ointments, capsules, tablets, pessaries …

Healing Effects

In recent years, St. John’s wort is becoming increasingly popular as a remedy to relieve and treat depression. There are numerous scientific studies that confirm its healing effect.

In addition to the treatment of depression, St. John’s wort showed excellent results in alleviating the symptoms of gastritis, gastric ulcer, kidney, liver, spleen, and bladder, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, burns, hemorrhoids and much more.

Hypericin is the most important active components of St. John’s wort. It is a grateful component for its huge spectrum of healing effects. It prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses and reduces inflammation in the body.

Another important ingredient of St. John’s wort is hypertropia. Hypertropin prevents the breakdown of serotonin – the hormone responsible for mood, and thus relieves the symptoms of depression.

From St. John’s wort is isolated also melatonin, which is secreted in the body during sleep, so this plant can be used as a great cure for insomnia.

In addition, some studies suggest that St. John’s wort prevents the growth of malignant cells, but such an effect has not been clinically confirmed.

Careful Use

St. John’s wort stimulates liver enzymes that rapidly metabolized drugs reducing their concentration in the blood so that is how drug effect  can be significantly lowered or absent effect of the administered medicine

There are known many cases of women who became pregnant while were taking contraceptive pills because they also used St. John’s wort. Therefore, if you use both the pill and St. John’s wort, you must use another form of birth control.

Very important is that St. John’s wort should not be used concurrently with antidepressants because it has the same mechanism of action.

Specifically, this plant increases the levels of serotonin in the blood, what can cause an increase of this enzyme and complications in the body. additional info profil site de rencontre drole see page sites de rencontre toulouse busiest time online dating sites rencontres gironde rencontre bilatérale free sites like just hook up Great recipes

Oil for wounds and burns

4 Tbls of a little wither flowers of St John‘s wort pour into the jar with a liter of olive oil . Close the jar and let stand six weeks. With this oil treat the wounds, rashes, burns, hemorrhoids …

Wine for better digestion

40 grams of flowers of St John’s wort pour a liter of high-quality white wine and let stand in a warm place for a month. Strain and drink two small cups before every meal.

Tea for depression

Mix equal amounts of dried flowers St. John’s wort and Yarrow, cover them with 200ml of boiling water and leave the tea to stand for 10 minutes. Drink three times a day.

Tea for gastritis

In 200ml boiling water pour a spoonful of dried flowers of St. John’s wort, cover and let stand for 10-15 minutes. Strain and drink three times a day after meals.

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