Stay Fit With Simple Exercises

Exercise helps to keep us young and healthy. It is the most cost-effective way to achieve long-lasting anti-aging. We cannot stop aging process but add life (quality) to your years. Exercising in short bouts throughout the day can be as effective as doing it all one time. Regard exercise as prescription.

 Always start your exercise session with stretching and warm-up. 

 Take your time. The slower you do these exercises, the better.

 Move in rhythm with your breathing.

 Keep checking your posture.

 Stay focused on what your body is doing even when you are not exercising. This is how 

you’ll turn your ordinary tasks into exercise.

 Perform the exercises regularly- ideally everyday.

 Always start new exercises slowly and build up gradually.

 You need to do a combination of strengthening, aerobic, balance and flexibility exercise.

 Exercise can and should be fun.

 Above all persevere. It is the quality, not quantity, what counts.

Safe exercises which can be included in daily routine for 30-45 minutes are:

1. Brisk walking: best mode of exercise and easy to take up. Before eating breakfast, get in 20 minutes of walking. Walk wherever and whenever you can.

2. Jogging

3. Cycling

4. Swimming

5. Dancing

6. Yoga: it has many positive benefits including building muscles and reducing stress.

7. Breathing exercise: practice pranayam to learn the technique of breathing. Take a breathing break several times a day or whenever stressed.

8. At your workplace: rotate your hands and feet, stretch your legs, gently move your head, use stairs instead of lift.

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