Strawberries For Those In Love When love is in the air, you need something sweet, red, tasty and healthy …! Therefore, try to surprise your loved one strawberries prepared by macrobiotic principles. Equally delicious and seductive, and there is also an inevitable champagne …

navigate here Preparation:

helpful resources In a saucepan, on low heat, warm rice malt, add chopped ginger and as soon as it smells Pour champagne and stirring wait until the sauce thickens slightly. Strawberries clean, wash, dry and add to the sauce and stir briefly. Finished strawberries put in suitable bowls or saucers and serve with chilled champagne.

look at these guys Ingredients: Strawberries 400 g strawberries

soirée rencontre célibataire haute savoie rice malt 2 tablespoons rice malt ginger 1/2 tsp fresh ginger 100 ml champagne champagne

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