Swine Flu Prevention Using Basil

Generally, it is seen that symptoms of swine flu are more or less like common flu i.e. cold, cough and fever. But these symptoms can be life-threatening.

Swine flu (H1N1 virus) influenza virus is common throughout pig populations worldwide. Consumption of bacon, ham not cooked properly can transmit this virus. This virus pollutes the environment and makes common man prone to it. This can be fatal. Herbs such as Basil leaves are really helpful to overcome swine flu if consumed on regular basis.

Basil has antibacterial properties which help overall defense mechanism to boost immunity thereby fighting against the viral diseases. Intake of turmeric combined with basil increases body resistance against swine flu virus and thus increases the possibility of preventing the flu.

Some prevention to be taken during swine flu-

  • Consumption of cold items and drinks should be avoided. Foods like spinach, garlic, and radish should be eaten more frequently.
  • Body massage using mustard oil helps in reduction of a cough in lungs.

Basil has many medicinal properties which make it an amazing herb. Conventional medicine has failed to prevent the spread of this fatal virus. Basil as alternative medicine may be the perfect time to bring this change.


Uses of basil:

  • Basil helps to strengthen the immune system, relieve stress, reduce a cough and cold, increase stamina, promote healthy mechanism, reduce inflammation, reduce cholesterol level, supply antioxidants to the body.
  • Basil has curative properties. It has the power to keep the body away from illness, particularly beneficial for colds and flu, eliminate diseases quickly, accelerates the termination of diseases.
  • A mixture of ginger, jiggery, and basil increases defense mechanisms and boosts immunity.
  • To control swine flu, fresh juice of Basil or 20-25 Basil leaves as whole/paste form should be taken daily once or twice.
  • Tea with a few basil leaves in it should be taken for a sore throat.

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