Antioxidants Nutrients

June 28, 2015 Alexsandar 0

view it view rencontre easyflirt chat para conocer gente de corea del sur site de rencontre st martin ganancias para solteros 2017 rencontre internationale cherche site rencontre serieux gratuit What are antioxidants nutrients? Essentially antioxidants are substances that reduce, neutralize and prevent the damage that is done to the body by free radicals. Free radicals are organic molecules that are responsible for aging, tissue […]

Top 10 Foods that Fight Aging

April 14, 2015 Alexsandar 0

Just about every day, a patient will ask me what they can do to age gracefully. While it’s a fact of life no one can literally turn back the hands of time, there are hundreds […]

3 Biggest Aging Myths Debunked

April 13, 2015 Alexsandar 0

In our youth-obsessed culture, aging has gotten a bad rap. But as hoards of baby boomers enter their golden years, negative stereotypes about aging will be replaced by positive ones. In fact, ongoing research shows […]

Berries Help to Store Memory

October 28, 2014 Alexsandar 0

There is clear evidence that eating blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and other berry fruits have a positive impact on the brain, and may be able to prevent the loss of memory that is associated with aging. […]