Refreshing Drink for Hot Summer Days

June 21, 2017 Maria 0

site de rencontre en belgique badoo site de rencontre harmonie montreal not talking everyday dating fotos de mujeres solteras de puerto rico visit here bekanntschaften gedichte test partnersuche schweiz site de rencontre gironde gratuit Botanists have known over 200 species of hibiscus with colorful beautiful flowers but our story relates to  Hibiscus sabdariffa with dark red flowers. An excellent beverage is prepared from it, a real summer refreshment  The […]

The Healing Powers of Birch Tree

June 20, 2017 Maria 0

Birch (Betula pendula) is a deciduous slender tree known for its white bark. It grows in all parts of Europe and Asia and has a great importance in herbal medicine. It has always been appreciated […]

Bloating and Water Retention

June 6, 2017 Maria 0

Do you often feel bloated and wonder why? Or are your feet so swollen that you can not wear a shoe? If this happens, you probably have edema or in other words –  water retention […]

Blackberry | Morus Nigra

January 20, 2017 2Herbs 0

Other Names Black Berry, Bramble, Feuilles de Ronce, Dewberry, Feuilles de Mûrier, Goutberry, Mûre, Rubi Fruticosi Folium, Mûre Sauvage, Mûrier, Ronce du Canada, Ronce Commune, Rubus laciniatus, Ronce Laciniée, Rubi Fruticosi Radix, Rubus affinis, Rubus […]

Black Currant | Ribes Nigrum

January 20, 2017 2Herbs 0

Other Names Black Currant Seed Oil, Feuille de Cassis , Cassis, European Black Currant, Gadelier Noir, Nabar, Paper, Groseille Noir, Grosella Negra, Huile de Pépins de Cassis, Ribes Nigri Folium (Black Currant Leaf), Ribes Nero, […]

Balsamita Major, Costmary | Tanacetum Balsamita

January 20, 2017 2Herbs 0

Other Names Tanacetum Balsamita, Balsamita Vulgaris, Costmary, Alecost, Balsam Herb, Bible Leaf, Mint Geranium, Tanacetum Balsamita, Chrysanthemum Balsamita, Pyrethrum Balsamita, Balsamita Vulgaris, Balsamkraut, Marienbalsam, Marienblatt, Riechblättchen, Schmeckablaadl, Menta Romana, Erba Amara, Erba Buona, Erba Della […]

Aztec Sweet Herb | Phyla dulcis

January 19, 2017 2Herbs 0

Other Names A Wei, Asafétida, Ase Fétide, Assant, Crotte du Diable, Devil’s Dung, Ferula Asafoetida, Ferula Assa Foetida, Ferula assa-foetida, Ferula foetida, Ferula pseudalliacea, Ferula rubricaulis, Férule, Férule Persique, Food of the Gods, Fum, Giant […]

Bird’s Eye | Veronica Officinalis

October 8, 2016 Alexsandar 0

Other Names Heath Speedwell, Gypsyweed, Paul’s Betony, Fluellin, Groundhele, Ehrenpreiskraut, Gypsy Weed, Herbe Aux Ladres, Speedwell, Thé d’Europe, Thé Du Nord, Triaca, Verónica, Veronica Herb, Veronica Officinalis, Veronicae Herba, Véronique, Véronique Mâle, Véronique Officinale. Description […]

Bistort | Persicaria Bistorta

October 8, 2016 Alexsandar 0

Other Names Adderwort, Dragonwort, Easter giant, Easter ledger, Easter ledges, Easter magiant, Easter man-giant, Gentle dock, Great bistort, Osterick, Oysterloit, Passion dock, Patience dock, Patient dock, Pink pokers, Pudding grass, Pudding dock, Red legs, Snakeweed, […]

Bitter Milkwort | Polygala Amara

October 8, 2016 Alexsandar 0

Other Names Bitter Milkwort, European Bitter Polygala, European Senega Snakeroot, Evergreen Snakeroot, Flowering Wintergreen, Little Pollom, European Bitter Polygala, European Senega, Evergreen Snakeroot, Flowering Wintergreen, Little Pollom, Polygala Amara, Polygala Amère, Polygale Amer, Snakeroot. Description […]

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