Tea Can Help With Upset Stomach

Heartburn, weight, abdominal bloating, constipation – are all unpleasant and painful symptoms. Special blends of tea and a light stomach exercises can prevent these problems.

During a life time human digestive system processes about 30 tons of food (about a large truck load) and about 13,200 gallons of liquid.

Fats, proteins and carbohydrates in food have to be processed so the human body can benefit from their nutritional values. This requires 24 hours of hard work for our stomach and intestines.

First, the food is usually processed for four hours in the stomach. The next six hours the food goes through the small intestines, and for seven hours through the colon. After seven hours the undigested remains are ejected from the body. If to this process you add the stress, malnutrition, starvation or overeating – you get a serious problem. Excessive intake of fatty foods, lack of fluids, smoking and alcohol will irritate the stomach even more.

Often, as a result, the mucous membranes of the stomach produce too much acid. Occasional heartburn is not a cause for concern. Sometimes it is enough to take another pillow so that your upper body is slightly raised. Chewing gum can help by encouraging secretion of saliva which cleanses the esophagus during swallowing and dilute acid. If the esophagus is slightly inflamed, chamomile tea can help.

Rolling: After drinking a cup of chamomile tea, lie on your back, and stay in that position for five minutes, turn to the left, then right, and then back on (remain in these three positions for five minutes).

This medicinal tea soothes the stomach lining. Make tea mixture of equal parts of thyme, mint and crushed cumin. Take one teaspoon of tea and pour one cup of water. Cover and let stand 10 minutes. Each day, drink two to three cups of hot tea between meals.

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