These Foods Are The Best Source Of Protein According To Nutritionists

Proteins, in addition to water, are the most important substances for the proper functioning of our body.

According to newest research, nutritionists say it’s not only important to bring the right amount of protein in the body, but also important are the foods through which we consume them.

The reason for that is very simple, every source of protein, from chicken to peanut, consists of different amino acids from which proteins are built. From 20 kinds of amino acids, nine are needed for our body, and these are not in equal amounts in all foods rich in protein.

Nutritionists have made a list of the best protein foods that are rich in substances that are needed by our body:

Eggs do not contain only 6 grams of protein per slice but contain six grams of valuable protein as well.

Fresh grainy cheese
One small cup contains 25 grams of protein and 18 percent of the required daily intake of calcium, it is also rich in casein, a protein that is slowly digested and therefore will give you a feeling of satiety.

Whole grains cereals
They contain more protein than complex carbohydrates, and quinoa, bulgur and Freekeh are among the best sources of proteins.

In addition to being an exceptional source of protein, fish is also abundant in omega 3 fatty acids that protect heart health.

They are rich in protein, and vitamin B. One cup of peas contains up to 8 grams of protein.

Greek yogurt
It is ideal for breakfast or a snack, and contains even 17 grams of protein.

They are well known to be rich in good fats, but also contain proteins that are more than necessary for any organism.

Leafy green vegetables
Kale, spinach, Swiss chard and other leafy green vegetables are rich in protein, for example, 70 calories of spinach contain about 10 grams of protein.

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