Tomato is an Ally of Health and Beauty

Tomato is an ally of health and beauty. It is not caloric, contains many nutrients, especially recommended for weight loss. The fruit of medium size has only 23 calories, about 40mg of vitamin C and pro-vitamin A. 1.16. 4ykiiin

Tomato helps in the excretion of unnecessary substances. Sour taste stimulates secretion of digestive juices and improves utilization of nutrients from other foods entered into the body.

Minerals and vitamins in tomatoes eliminate fatigue; a similar cortisone ingredient can help with joint pain and can be used for the preparation of drops to soothe irritation of the eyes.

Tomatoes and other colored vegetables are important in preventing cancer and heart disease, a pigment that gives tomatoes red color is used in cosmetics and creams in addition to sunscreen.

Tomato slices are an ideal mask for oily skin, and the juice is an excellent lotion for skin recovery. The diet can be used as an ideal starter for quickly causing a feeling of fullness, and eat it fresh, cooked or as juice.

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